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Trump’s Win – Bark Worse Than Bite?

While Asian equity markets may remain soft after the surprise of Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election, we look forward to buying opportunities. Essentially, we do not expect significant economic repercussions on Malaysia’s economy or corporate earnings, save for the indirect impact on downward biases for the ringgit vs the US dollar and on interest rates. We highlight the trough prices of our conviction picks, as well as some buying opportunities.

Near-term confidence pricked. Asian equity markets have swooned on knee-jerk reactions to Trump’s surprise win; the FBMKLCI eased 1%. Despite the major turnaround in US equities after Trump’s acceptance speech which promoted national unity and stressed on fiscal stimulus (the DJI futures initially fell by as much as 800 pts before the cash DJI remarkably recovered to positive territory), investment sentiment in Asia may remain damp and to be swayed by Trump’s anti-globalisation rhetoric. Nevertheless, we do not …