Dayang - technical stock pick

Bursa Malaysia stock : Main Board : stock code 5141 Dayang


Chart wise : Highest high since 25/4/2008……………

Dayang had on 21/12/2009 crossed
over the immediate high of RM1.50 to reach the highest
high of RM1.56 since 25/4/2008 before settled at RM1.58. 

Next Potential Upside Target : With the upside
violation of RM1.50 level, Dayang would thus be likely to
trade upward with next upside target at RM1.68. 
Entry Level  : Risk taking traders may establish buying
position at RM1.55.

Stop Loss Level : Once a buying position is being
established, a stop loss level at  RM1.42 level  must be
placed for risk capital protection purpose followed by
trailing stop loss strategy.

source mercury research

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